Hope For Pakistan

Yesterday Supreme Court Of Pakistan(S.C) convicted Prime Minister Of Pakistan.He was proven guilty of contemptImage of court under Article 63-G-1 of the constitution Of Pakistan.

Some Pakistanis have the opinion that Prime Minister had provided aid by S.C by sentencing him only for 30 seconds.There is no rule and law for the authoritative in Pakistan.This Decision is now public property and public has the right to have an opinion.

Apart from this discussion and public opinion,I am very happy and hopeful for the bright future of Pakistan. Continue reading

Impact Of Information Technology On Our Life

Today when I was coming back to home I tuned on radio F.M channel the R.J who was a lady said, “now-a-days we know most of the things by our friend’s facebook status like wise,” Its raining in Lahore”,”Its raining in Melbourne”,”Its Raining in London.” bla bla.On 4th January 2011 when I was using twitter,read the tweet of Geo News that Punjab Governor Salman Taseer has been shot fired and has been sent to the hospital,a few moments after that I read the news of his death. Continue reading

The Call Of Duty

Last evening Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza held a fiery Press conference for almost 2 hrs. Pakistanis all across the world and especially in Pakistan sticked glued with their t.v to watch that.Dr. Sahib placed Quran on his head and narrated all that was said by Altaf Bhai and Rehman Malik.All that was said by him was quite shocking.

Pakistan is facing its history’s most worst days but I think there is still a light of hope.Every true Pakistani knows who is behind the target killings in Karachi but no one is breaking the silence. Continue reading


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